Controlling where the torch goes when finished

Is there a way (I know there probably is) to make the torch go out of the way after the tap file is finished? or send it back to 0,0

I typically just manually jog the torch with my arrow keys to where its over some metal to clear my work piece so its not blowing onto the water splashing it everywhere.

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That’s what I do too but I’d really like it to go away by itself so I can clear it out and set another sheet on. I see the langmuir demo video near the bottom of the landing page where they cut a piece with their logo and the torch goes out of the way after.

I don’t know if there’s a way in the toolpath definition but you could always just add a line to the end of the TAP file using an editor to insert a command to go to the 22,22 X/Y position.

That’s a good suggestion. Theres going to be programs I can just load and run and I can do this for those ones. Also I’ll add homing to my machine to make this easier