Control box USB to computer/table

I am going to be rearranging my shop soon and am thinking about moving my crossfire control box from the leg of the unit and mounting it on a wall about 10 foot away. Has anyone done similar? We’re you able to replace the wires from the box to the computer and table/motors? If so how?

I put mine on the wall behind the table. USB isn’t the problem it’s the motor leads, I didn’t make new ones yet but I will have to next time I improve my setup. There might be rules for making the motor leads I’m not aware of I hope someone here chimes in on it.

@langmuir-daniel are there by any chance a way to get longer stepper motor lead wires? Or is there anywhere to buy longer ones? I have acquired a new shop and would like to mount the control box on a wall about 15’ away from my plasma table. Also I am assuming that a normal longer usb printer cable will work for the one that goes from the control box to the computer? Wondering if a couple VGA SVGA computer monitor cables would work for the control box to stepper motors? Like attached

you’ll actually need serial cables (DB9), not VGA. You can probably use a female to male serial extension cable to extend the motor leads.

As for the USB cable, get a longer one, NOT an extension. I bought a 10’ extension and to extend the USB cable that came with the table and as soon as the torch fired up, the laptop lost USB connection to the control box and the torch stayed on. I had to turn off the cutter from the on/off switch on the back. took me 3 times before i figured out is was the extension i bought. I returned it and just bought a 20’ USB printer cable and its been working great so far.

I also got extensions for the torch on/off lead and control box power cable.

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Kind of along the same lines I was thinking thank you very much for your response helps a lot. Wasn’t sure what to look for for the motor leads.

Something like this may work for you to extend your length, it has the male and female ends.