Control Box Fell Off

During the hot summer the temps in my shop get really hot. The rubber isolation bolts released from the elastomer and I walked in to find my control box on the floor. I am curious if anyone else has had that problem… and if a better mounting solution is available…

I’m second owner of my XR and didn’t like it being so low to the floor. So I put hinges on mine so if I need to troubleshoot anything inside I put a bucket under it and I’m looking straight into it.

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The control box needs to be isolated from table, rubber isolators between control box and table mount or you will have EMi problems …


This is what I did with control box, got tired if running stuff into it when walking by. Mounted aluminum plate cut hole in it for fan to draw air at bottom and used the rubber isolators to mount box to plate. Put a piece of rubber conveyor belt over top of box in case I burn a hole through water pan.