Control board replacement

I’m pretty new to this, so please forgive my lack of knowledge. I’m looking to find a replacement board and all I’m finding is 24v boards and mine says 36v. Does anyone know where I can purchase this?

Practically any Mach3 USB Motion control board will work, but the original CrossFire version was customized by Langmuir to change the connectors. There are lots to choose from if you’re willing to rewire your signals to terminal blocks.

Also, there is no 36V DC present on the CrossFire Controller board. It is all 5V supplied by your USB port.

Awesome thank you so much for your help. Just 2 more questions will the mach3 board have a spot to put the torch relay? Also here is a pic of my current board. Does the 36v mean it can handle 36v if needed?

Will this one work?

Your photo is not very clear, but it is not the original Mach3 controller. It is a newer, Gen2, type controller. You can only get a replacement from Langmuir Systems. Contact their support team, they will have replacement parts.

Why do you think you need a replacement?

I had an issue with the torch, anytime I would turn the machine on the torch would come on. They sent me a torch relay and that didn’t solve the problem. They then sent me a new control board and that fixed the problem. So instead of going back and forth with them over email I was going to try and find it somewhere else so I can get my machine back up and running.

If the new control board fixed, they sent you fixed the problem, then why would you need to find a new board???

Because I’m having that problem again.

what type of plasma machine are you using…?

It’s pretty uncommon for Motion Control Boards to fail so frequently, when they do it’s usually something else in the setup causing the issue…what plasma cutter are you using?

If you reach out to our support email we’d be happy to help you there as well!


The cheap harbor freight titanium plasma cutter.

Harborfrieght titanium 45 with X45 machine torch, two years now on pro table no issues.
What torch you it wired right?