Contour Selection Fusion 360

I am about 5 seconds away from throwing away Fusion 360, seems like other programs are way better and a lot easier to use, I don’t understand why it take 1 min to select each contour selection that’s with changing the PC settings and graphics settings. And after over an hour of making all those selection the stupid thing crashes, and or doesn’t generate the complete tool path. Any help will be appreciated

If you’re not using it to design 3D parts and this is your experience I’d suggest it’s not worth troubleshooting. Just get a copy of Sheetcam and use that for tool path and G-Code generation.

James can I send you the dxf file ?
No I don’t intend to do any 3D work

Yeah. Just reply to this with the file attached (the icon with a box & upward pointing arrow gets you the file upload dialog. Or send me a PM with it. I’ll look at it tomorrow evening (I’m in Montreal tonight) and send you a tap file.

What torch & material are you looking to use?

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