Continuity in torch fire cable

I need help with setting up my plasma cutter with the torch fire cable. I connected the cable correctly from everything I have read but I still have continuity with and without the trigger being depressed. How do I fix it so that I don’t have continuity when the trigger isn’t depressed? I have the Razorweld Razorcut 45 plasma cutter. I did message Langmuir, but haven’t heard back yet.

Just checking to see if you resolved this issue? I have a similar problem, I have continuity one direction but when I switched the meter leads there’s not any. There is however when the trigger is squeezed with the leads both ways. Thank you in advance

Where are you testing for continuity and why? Is your torch not firing when commanded from Firecontrol?

The torch firing wire just connects the poles on a switch. You could accomplish the same thing with a jumper wire across the pins.

Hi…Truth be told, I have never have had a solitary issue by utilizing the hand light with the right consumable arrangement suggested by plasmacam and their bit by bit video guidance manual. (ie, ohmic holding cap holding, safeguard and twirl ring for machine cutting - put on the hand held firearm).

Plasmacam’s tech office were amazingly learned and supportive when one of my mates required some assistance on this. If I recollect accurately, there is a somewhat unique technique to continue to effectively connect a machine light versus a hand held. Furthermore, as long as you utilize the very consumable setup that you would ordinarily use on a machine light, yet on the hand held…your results will be something similar as far as I can tell.