...continuing the F360 learning curve

After moving this flame pattern (constraints removed), I had a couple of things appear. What do the red lines mean and what are the darker blue highlighted areas?

A red line mean a shape with a inside opening.

The blue triangles mays be created when sketch geometry is moved non planer ( 3d sketch ) to the other geometry being referenced.

Post you F3D and I can confirm

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mini chimney v4.f3d (72.4 KB)

I see, it is the way the splines intersect with a point and no trim done.

I am going to do a really quick stream to go over this in more detail…

Give me 5 minutes to set up

file from video

mini chimney v4 tin mod.f3d (140.6 KB)

the issue is wit the spline


Once again…very informative. Using AutoCad on a daily basis, the hot key “ex” is extend, and in fusion “e” is extrude. So I simply copied and rotated the flame line in question, and at some point, probably hit “e…” to extend a line and it went into extrude mode…maybe throwing off the axis location??? A rather simple fix, but I want to know the why…so thank you!