Consumables Wearing? Gouging at beginning of cuts

Hi everyone,

Like the title says, I’m gouging and not cutting through at the beginning of my cuts. Also, after a few minutes of cutting, I’m losing the pilot arc.

I’m thinking it’s time for consumables, but looking for advice since I’m new to this world. My nozzle doesn’t quite look egg shaped, but is visibly worn. My electrode has a small divot in the center and almost a swirl around it.

I’ve got some Christmas presents to make for the family, so I’ve been scrounging around for consumables with no luck.

See attached picture of my work.

things we need to help…
Plasma machine being used, helps refine who can give best advice
compressor size and tank size, ensures you have enough volume of air
dry air…is it dry…
software for design and post process…this also helps determine who is best going to help

this can help also

plasma spider information

Crossfire pro with Razorweld cut45
Quincy 60 gallon 2 stage with motorguard m30
Inkscape for designs and sheetcam for post processing

so far so good…do you have adryer on your system for dry air…?
then after that it will be mostly torch settings…
what speed IPM?
what Amperage?