Constant IHS Voltage even when not cutting

Getting a Live voltage reading even when not cutting. The actual voltage varies and doesn’t happen all the time but when it does, it causes torch to drive into the material. All i’ve found I can do is wait for the voltage to drop. Tonight it was at 40v and took 20 minutes to fall to 0v before I could continue cutting again. Any thoughts? IHS switch is not touching z lead screw.

blow your entired z axis off with air. that happens to me when i get too much liquid splashed up on and around the torch and z axis. As a workaround you can offset your nominal voltage by that resting voltage amount to get the torch to act right. Also check your connections to your vim box.

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I have blown z axis off with no immediate change.
I have re-seated plugs on vim box; no change.
I have not thought about offsetting voltage though and will keep that in my pocket for next time. Thanks @DnKFab

I would check the output on the plasma and the vim box with a meter when it is doing it .

Find out if it is the plasma, vim, or fire control. May be something you can remedy.

I put a meter between plasma ground and material set on AC and was getting ~6v while live in firecontrol was showing 30 something volts. Figured I would try here before I started the diagnoses rabbit hole but looks like I’ll need to take more notes and do some more test next time it does it.

Your plasma output is dc voltage. Check wires coming into and out of vim box.

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