Constant Cleaning THC contacts

Is anyone having to clean their THC contacts daily? I seem to have to take my torch mount apart every two days if not more to clean the little plastic bits that isolate the mount.

Some days I can get away with just using compressed air to blow them off without having to completely disassemble but more often then not it is a complete teardown. I have also started wiping my rails down daily to try and keep things as clean as possible in an attempt to get a correct THC reading.

Been battling this for a long time and its starting to get really old. Just curious if anyone else has this much trouble with their machine. I am coming up on 1 year ownership of my pro and have had this issue for about 4 months now.

I have tried the plastic funnel on the end of the torch, which seemed to help a little, but has not been a permanent fix by any means.

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After you clean the contacts good, put a little No-Ox grease on them. It will keep the water off and keep them from corroding or getting an oxidation layer. We do it for all kinds of those type electrical contacts at work.

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Are you cutting a lot of aluminum?

What kind of chemicals are you using in your water table?

@ktice I have had this problem enough to be annoyed by it. I keep some distilled water in a spray bottle and spray generously, then use my air gun. I sometimes have to repeat, but never have to disassemble to get my resting voltage back to zero.

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lower the torch in THC. That will lift the contacts away from splashes more.

Still waiting on my RW, but figured I’d nip this in the bud and built a Lexan shield around the torch and Z axis.


That looks very nice. My only advice would be to cut away a larger area for the IHS wire to move freely. The way it is now, it will stress that wire and break it when the torch cycles through the IHS loop and when it retracts to 1" after each cut loop.

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They have plenty of play and no more stress than without the shield. It’s all the way down in the photos. I cycled it up and down many times and adjusted the hole size and wire clamp location to get minimal stress on the wire.

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Hey Bill. That looks really clean. Well done. Do you have any more info on your cable managment system? That is the next thing I’d like to clean up on my machine.

I just bought 25x50 mm drag chain on eBay and made some brackets and a shelf for it to sit on. I wanted the bigger size so I could run the torch lead inside.

Get a can of dry moly lubricant and spray effected areas with it. The spatter will not stick to it. You can also use ceramic nozzle spray for mig welding but the cost of the ceramic is about $35.00 per can…