Considering a Primeweld cut 60

I know you really need a blowback torch. What exactly is a pilot arc torch ? Also, This primeweld has a 3 year warranty and adjustable post flow. and a 60% duty cycle - all significantly more than than the vipercut… so I am trying to figure out if one is going to really cut better… is there something more in the torch , I should be looking at? I will be cutting mostly between 1-2mm mild steel. I want as little dross as possible. One more concern about the viper cut - its 6cfm air requirement - its virtually more than anything i seen on the market… I have small compressor - that should handle about 4.5 cfm max… so, i had concedered fthe longevity forcecut because its less than this … All these cutters , are sub 1000 - which i need to be at. I have also considered the everlast - please let me know your opinions


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The Primeweld cut 60 Is CNC ready, has a CNC port in the back with the card installed. It comes with the IPT 60 torch and can be gotten with a PTM 60 torch if needed. If you need more info on the Primeweld cut 60, PTM 60 torch or consumables please feel free to call me.


Can you suggest a place to buy the Primeweld Cut60? I can’t seem to find it or the Everlast 50S in stock anywhere.


Hang in there , I am sure George will respond soon enough, he services and provides tech support for primeweld. He will let you know when you could expect to see one…

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Did you end up getting the Primeweld Cut60? If so, how’s it working out?

I did go with the primeweld. I really have no experience to compare it. It seems ok to me - I haven’t cut much with it yet… I have been sick for a bit after a tooth abscess / allergy to antibiotics / roids. I tried to use it on 120 v - no love there - it would work when cold - once it warmed up even a dedicated 20 amp 120 volt would trip the breaker at 15 ft from box… just added another pole and moved to 30amp - problem solved.

Sorry, I was not informed they were out of stock. I will check and see when the new order will be in.

One main reason I chose the primeweld was after speaking with primeweld and George, I knew I would not be left out in the cold if I had a problem. So , the support is there.

Just got the word the Primeweld Cut 60 will be back in stock Thursday 6/6

Cool… Thanks. any chance they will go on sale like they did a few months ago?

I was not aware of any sale on these, They seemed to be priced really great for its specs . I paid the current price - about 2 or so mos ago. I believe shipping was included.

The last price was $650 shipped, even if the price goes up its still a great deal for a CNC ready 60 amp plasma cutter.

I agree, I know for fact there are no other cutters with those specs in this price range… and that would include a similar warranty. I think the closest would be everlast - and that is a couple hundred more when comparing apples to apples. there are some budget models out there - but nothing you can use with CNC… and with blowback start.

Thanks for the info guys!! Can’t wait to get started. My table gets delivered today…

Did you end up going 220v or just went up to a 30A breaker @ 110v? i bought the cut60 and got it a couple of days ago but still setting everything up.

If you want it to run the way it should use it on 240 volts

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Yeah, I agree with George. You really need to do the 240, its not a 120/240, just a regular 240 ( 2 pole with ground ) I thought it would be nice to be able to use it at 110-120 but it cuts its maximum amperage output. So, it sounds do-able if you are cutting thin stuff. However, in practice, it didn’t work on my wiring. I mean I had 12 gauge 20amp dedicated circuit with 15 ft run from service… and couldn’t keep it running. So, who knows - your mileage may vary. Try it , worse case , drop a 10 awg solid copper 2 wire romex with ground… and be done with it. ( you can share breakers in the box with dryer or something, just don’t run both at once. )

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PS, Don’t be scared of the service panel… Just keep far away from those two big lugs and you will be fine… as long as you cut the main breaker first… However, as normal , I have to offer a disclaimer of liability - If you are unsure about working with the electric get a professional to do it, - cutting the main breaker - only cuts juice to those main bus bars. those two lugs are always HOT.

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If you are in a pinch for a quick fix - yeah you could just throw a 30 amp breaker on the 12 gauge wiring - which is technically a “tap” ( not up to code ) - its nothing I would use for the long term as you will be over heating the wiring and sheathing ( and yeah that is the stuff that leads to fires ) - but if you want to run for the short-term until you do something more permanent - you would be ok - in my personal opinion. ( I would not throw a 30amp on if you are wired for 14awg/15amp - that is a no-go)

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Other thoughts, just got back to cutting this week after all that health bs. I had to upgrade my compressor rig too. but all is great, kept pace at 120psi for 13 minutes of cutting. Just cut my first 39 inch long piece. Was a piece a cake… everything worked perfect.

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