Considering 4x3 table

Looking at the 4x3 table…what have you all used as far the plasma cutter?
Am new to this and looking to make metal art as a hobby.

Thanks for the help…

Welcome to the forum. Hypertherm is arguably the “king” of plasma cutters. I have the PrimeWeld CUT60 with Machine Torch and just loving it. Many other options as you browse the posts on here.

If you’re willing to spend some time on Gremlins you could definitely get some cheaper plasmas to run.

If you want problem-free running hypertherm all the way.

If you want something mid-range, Everlast.

What is the argument against it being “King”?

Is there some other technology that another brand has over hypertherm?

Just for context I also have an everlast 60s at the shop which I had done some mechanized cutting with , as well as hand cutting and I also have a Miller for hand cutting in the shop and currently I’m running a PowerMax 85 hypertherm for mechanized cutting.

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I’m in the hypertherm camp as well, I run a powermax 65. I had an old lincoln 55 amp that I bought around 2000 before the 65. The hypertherm consumables easily last 5 times as long, and the cuts are cleaner. The 65 draws about the same amps as the lincoln 55 but can cut nearly twice the thickness.

I had been looking at CNC plasma for quite a while but I didn’t want to blow commercial system prices for my home hobby when I came across Langmuir. I’ve been quite happy with my pro. Careful assembly and much reading of this forum and it has been pretty trouble free. I find I use it all the time now, even if it’s for a simple part, I can CAD & CAM it in no time and have a much nicer part than I could do by hand.

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Took the words right out of my mouth! :beers: