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Hi All,
I am new to CNC plasma cutting, but not to CNC. I bought a crossfire that is new to me, but an older machine. I saw it run from the person I bought it from. I am just now getting it set up and can see where my computer “bings” when I plug it into the USB, but I cannot get the Firecontrol to connect. Other that the menu and “inch, mm” drop down, I can’t get any response.
I have read through the discussions and followed every suggestion; Changing cables, changing computers, uninstalling, re-installing the different versions of Firecontrol, etc.
The one thing that I am going to try is the dongle, since I didn’t know there was a dongle as a part of the connection.
In the discussions, I keep seeing where folks are asking if the USB light is green. Is this the dongle that they are referring to? or a part of the board on the machine itself? Thanks in advance for any and all assistance!

I guess the first question I would have is are you positive the crossfire you have was run on Firecontrol? The OG crossfires used Mach3

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HMMM, great question. I am not sure. How can I tell? I do not have any contact with the person that I purchased from.

easy…look on the back of the control box…do you have 1 X and 1 Y axis ports?..or is there a Z axis port?

if you have only 1 and 1 with no Z axis then you are on the OG table which runs on MACH3…


Hi toolboy, then yes, I definately have the OG. I’d like to upgrade this table to the next gen. I have seen the upgrade kits and may get going on that. Any suggestions on upgrades to this machine? Thanks!

so…if you want to upgrade it depends on what you want to do and how much you want to spend.
there are 2 pgrades available for the OG table…both available on the Langmuire website under the "store’ tab…

do you plan to cut thick or thin metal?
do you think you need more space on the table…then possibly you want the XL kit for more cutting area…?
then there is the THC upgrade…great for thin metals and warped metals…

the choice is up to you…

once you decide and go for the upgrades there a few more things to think about…software…

the table runs on free from Langmuir Firecontrol…all it does is run the gcode you create from drawings.

sisnce tou already know CNC you are using something for drawing…what do you currently use?

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I do not see needing more room, at least in the near future, but If I ever do get into any type of production levels, then I’d end up upgrading to a larger set-up. I do not plan on cutting anything thicker than 1/4".
I am, however, interested the THC upgrade.
I primarily use a 3 axis carver for foam blanks that I use for prosthetic models, but that software is proprietary to the CNC carver.
3D printing software is what I have experience with. I’d stick with Fusion 360 and FireControl for the plasma.

with fusion360 you are all set…


what do you have for an air supply and moisture control for your air?..this is a killer for some people…

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My lab has a commercial screw type air compressor with an integrated air dryer, also have a local air dryer and regulator at the location of the plasma torch. I have an Everlast Powerplasma 62i with CNC package.

oooo…I run a 62i with machine torch and a spare hand torch…
been 3 years with it…lots of fun.
I stil suggest a beaded desiccant dryer and motorguard filter just before the plasma.
Everlast consumables are small and are sensitive to moisture…I get 1500 pierces and around 3 hrs cut time with my drying system…
I also suggest you connect to the RAW voltage lugs inside the case for plasma voltage…I do not trust the raw voltage pins on the back…


Thank you for the Pro-tips. I will certainly welcome any knowledge!

ahahahahaha…this is funny…ahahahah…me…providing PRO tips…ahahahahaha…more like lucky guesses…lol…

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Are these refrigerated air dryers or are they moisture/water traps?

I found that it connects with Mach3. I have an expansion kit, Z axis with expansion kit for gen 1, and limit switches on the way. I’d prefer to set this up with the more modern software, since the Firecontrol is updated and supported.

The refridgerated air dryer is attached to the compressor, while the other is a regulator with a water trap just before plasma. May look into dessicant dryer?

I think upgrading to FireControl is a good move.

There is always time to make changes to your air after you get your system running. Just make mental allowances for them if you notice water may be causing issues. The fact that you already have the refrigerator dryer is a valuable addition.

But I would not discount Toolboy’s comment that your plasma cutter consumables are known for being a bit more sensitive to the needs of quality, dry air. I speak with no experience as to the Everlast plasma cutter.

My biggest push is to always suggest regular management of the moisture caught in the actual compressor: use an electronic drain valve. They are cheap and effective. Here is an example that I bought.

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