Connecting too hypertherm powermax 1000

Hey just ordered a crossfire pro and I currently have a hypertherm powermax 1000 g3 series plasma. Can anyone tell me how I would connect these machines?? Thank you very much for your time!

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Does your machine have a CPC port or not?

Check out this link which contains a search for PowerMax 1000 on the Forum.

Lots of different information about that particular cutter.

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Welcome to the forum. @TinWhisperer gave a great link for information.

Another option you might also consider is upgrading the torch (if you haven’t done so). Although Hypertherm does not offer a machine torch for your model they do suggest/offer a “retrofit upgrade hand torch.”

But, that could always be something considered once you get the machine up and running with your current machine and torch. Getting connected to the actual table is the priority.

(Sorry…that above link is not working right. I shall try again with an edit.)
They are not letting me make a direct copy of the link. Search for “hypertherm powermax 1000” and you should see a listing for the hypertherm website. That should get you to the correct page.

Easy plug-and-play upgrade for:

  • Powermax1000
  • Powermax1250
  • Powermax1650

I assume it works with the G3 but I would check it out

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Outstanding!!! @Msp I would really recommend this upgrade. The machine torch is so much more enjoyable to use than the hand torch.

You will need or should check your consumables frequently. With the machine torch, you never need to disconnect the torch from the mount. The hand held torch is held by the torches’ retaining cap that houses the electrode and nozzle so the only way to monitor the consumables is by taking the entire torch loose from the mount.

Yes I believe it does as I think you’re referring to the machine interface connection. It’s the 14 pin connection in the back I believe and it has 5 wires going to it. I do have a machine torch for it already but I would like to upgrade to the duramax! Thanks I’ll have to keep reading but I hope someone will know for sure!