Connect the Dots Generating Error

Has anyone run into this issue? I deleted and readded the script in Fusion, same problem.

Hi I have been having the same issue, Fusion has been such a twitchy program and never seems to run the same way twice. They seem to be throwing restrictions and changes trying
to persuade you to go to a paid subscriptions the number of issues I’ve had has encouraged me to find another program. Any suggestions?

Inkscape…Free…if you are doing graphics…

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I use affinity designer. When set up correctly, you can get cad level accuracy. Take a look at my you tube channel. I’m going to do another video soon to show a few new things I’ve been utilizing in my designs. The best part is, you can combine your artwork with accurate measurements all in one smooth running program. It’s cheap too, with a one time purchase. Runs a ton better than Inkscape.

If all you do are technical drawings, it is not your best choice, because using as a CAD type program takes some getting used to.

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