conFusion with simulate in fusion 360

This is a project in model. Its identical in manufacture. Untill you simulate tool path. Then you have Imput appriciated and thank you. And the buffalo doesnt cut at all It follows deer as if the buffalo isnt even there… I completly removed the deer, saved it then opened it and inserted the buffalo. Oh and when i created the tool path the deer wasnt there.

How did you delete the deer? Are you sure you didn’t end up with a clip-mask so it just looks in design as if the deer are gone?

If you want to upload the file (or send it to me via PM in case you don’t want to share it broadly) I can take a look.

My gut says the deer are still there and hidden as a clip-mask. Pretty common issue in the digital manufacturing world because they work fine (& were created) for print work where layers and colors are opaque vs CNC where they’re still visible to the machine.