Comuter died. How do I obtain license file again?

My computer died and need to reinstall full version of Mach 3 I paid for on my new computer. I do not have the License file to copy, AS MY ORIGINAL COMPUTER DIED! How do I get another copy of my license file to copy to Mach 3 directory, that I successfully installed in my new computer…so I don’t need to run in demo mode anymore.

Do you still have the email?

If the computer died but the hard-drive didn’t pull the hard-drive out and get yourself a usb encloser for $10-15 and you can plug it into your new computer as an external drive and copy anything you need off it to your new one.

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You should be able to log in to your account on the machsupport website and re-download a copy of your license file.

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There is a RESEND button of some sorts . They will resend the lic file to you if you dont find it

Ok thanks everyone. I will try again tomorrow (after Labor day!) and repost results.
Really appreciate the responses

Hello Guys i have a problem with the Mach3 when I load the g code it will download only half of my project so I tried a second project a simpler one and it stops in the middle of the cut and will no continue to run i did it several times and it will stop in the same place I am new here thank you.

You are probably running the Demo version which is limited to 500 lines. It will say Demo in the title bar at the top of your screen.

To run larger projects you need the full-license version. You can buy that from artsoft or Langmuir.

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Thank you you are right

one more cuation this apears wht im doing a posting with a dxf file what can i do about it

Warning: One or more passes were discarded due to linking constraints.
Generation completed with 1 warning(s) in 2.7s.

and how to fix it thank you again

usually this is because the lead in and/or lead outs won’t fit with the geometry and that error is telling you it’s skipped those cuts. Check the preview and zoom in to see where the cuts are stopping and starting.

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And then setup a separate toolpath to do just those cuts - without a lead-out if that was the problem or tighter lead-in values or even no lead-in/lead-out if that’s what it takes.

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