Computer Used for Software

I have recently purchased the Langmuir System plasma table and was wondering what laptops others are using to run and operate the Autodesk Fusion cad/cam software that comes with it? any advice would be much appreciated.

I’m using a 10 year old Toshiba on the machine. Mach 3 doesn’t need a lot of horsepower. For Cad/Cam I use a 5 year old Gaming desktop (intel i7-4790K, 32 Gb Ram,multi Tb SDD’s) Fusion seems to run fine for me.

I am using a newer Dell laptop (an absolute piece of junk), but it does run the CNC table using Mach 3. For Fusion 360 and Inkscape, I use a 10 year old desktop that is my main computer for all things. The laptop gets filthly in the CNC environment, so I wouldn’t want to spend a lot of money for that work. The laptop uses a phone chip and doesn’t even have a hard drive, but it works. If it looks dirty, it is. It runs Windows 10, but due to a lack of memory or storage, I can’t even upgrade Windows 10. But it works fine with Mach 3.

I’m running MACH 3 and FUSION ON it without a hiccup.

A simple Window having latest version can also able to run Fusion 360 smoothly and other autocad software too.