Computer requirements

What are the requirements of the computer for a crossfire pro?

Computer needs to run FireControl



Any computer that runs Windows 7 10 or 11.

Fire control uses absolutely no resources.

If you want to start doing some drafting and design on your computer now that’s a different animal.

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What about for fusion 360?

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With one addition, graphics adapter needs to support Open GL. Older PCs might not…

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That is a totally different kettle of fish! Autodesk Website has those requirements. Add ‘good network’ speeds to their list.

A lot of people here use a junky old computer for running the Plasma Cutter and do the design on a higher performance system away from the metal dust and water splash you’ll get from the table.

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Myself I would want at least 16 gigs of RAM. Look for a mid-range cheap gaming system.

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I did a lot of the legwork recently on this subject.

You can see it here.