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Just wanted to put a plug in for a different microPC I’m using in replacement for the system provided by Langmuir Systems for the XR. Unfortunately I only got about a 1.5 years out of that little box before it just went dead. I also am not a high volume, always on type of operation and definitely a hobbiest. During the use though I found it always a bit frustrating that if I ran into issues with my model that I couldn’t edit really b/c the system just was not powerful enough to do any CAD/360 changes.
I tried through service support and we couldn’t revive it with changing out the power supply or any other reset method. I thought it was weird that a solid little box would die but everything else is fine that was connected and is powered through a surge protector.
All that said I went just a few weeks ago and bought the following: GMKtec Mini PC Windows 11 Pro Intel Core i7-11390H (Turbo 5.0 GHz) 1TB SSD 16GB DDR4, Desktop Mini Computers WiFi 6, USB3.2, BT 5.2, DP, HDMI, RJ45 2.5G : Electronics

It is little (thicker than the original box by langmuir), has a little hardware bracket to attach and is actually pretty fast. I’ve done start to finish basic designs in 360 and no problems. It runs fast, fan kicks on occasionally and I’ve watch the performance actually peak close to 5Ghz. The use and operation for even basic things like browsing the internet is improved. I would currently recommend but limited to my time used for longevity. I also liked it wasn’t crammed with bloatware. I had just received a lenovo laptop as well and the windows bootup/install took so much longer on the lenovo b/c of all the other stuff they put on the laptop. This was start to finish like a clean windows install with no issues.

I hope this helps anyone looking for an alternative. The fire software loaded fine and immediately connected as well so doesn’t seem like any issues that I’ve noted and made a few cuts already without problem.


The I7 chip’s H or U designation means it is a power-saver design. Those chips don’t play nice with Langmuir’s control strategy, and there is a good chance the child process fault will make its presence known. The video chip will also play havoc with fusion. These are great for the machines themselves.

  • GMKtec M2 mini computer is equipped with 11th generation Intel Core i7-11390H processor, main frequency up to 5.0 GHz, 4 cores, 8 threads, 12MB cache, running much faster than i7-10810U, i5-12450H and i5-8259U, Windows PC series The power is only 35W, supporting your daily work with less power consumption, without delaying daily tasks

Bigdaddy would know more than me for sure about this topic. I’ll keep an eye out though for any issues and report but so far so good and made a nice sign for a project at work :slight_smile:

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As long as the child process warning doesn’t show up, you are good. It is a rare occurrence. Keep making stuff, my friend.

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