Computer for Firecontrol

Would this be a good computer to run firecontrol?

I figured firecontrol wouldn’t need much. It has windows 10 in S mode. Since having the THC upgrade for my gen 1 crossfire, I need another computer to run my table. My current laptop is a 20 year old windows xp.

I bought a very expensive Asus laptop (G751J) to do video editing. The battery died after 12 months. Got a new battery and researched the replacement procedure. Turns out, the ENTIRE computer needs to be taken apart with lots of tiny ribbon cables etc. to even get to the battery. Never did get it changed. Do some research before hand, I will never buy an Asus again.

It would run it, as far as where it sits in the quality per $ spent ratio I have no idea. All I know is after using macs for the last few years a $500 hp was unusable and cheap feeling. Spent 1k on a dell, and it’s better.

I’m really not worried about the environment tearing it up. My garage is kept clean and I have a different area that I grind in. I have a mini pc that would work but then I need to vesa mount it to the back of the monitor and then separate keyboard and mouse. Be easier to put a laptop on a stand and use my xbox controller/pendant. My specific question would be with Win 10 in S mode instead of the full uncompressed verson, that shouldn’t cause any problems should it?
Thanks yall.

I too would like some recommendations for a affordable laptop preferable a Dell or HP. Can some of you post links of what you are using to help us out?

Look into refurbished Panasonic Tough-Books too. I love them, they’re built to take a beating.

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You would have to take it out of S mode to be able to install firecontrol. All S mode is, is a lockdown that prevents anything other than Microsoft apps. You can disable s mode, but you can never re-enable it. You should have the full windows once you disable s mode though.

A basic laptop will run firecontrol. It really comes down to preference. Go to a store and try some out and see what you like.

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Asus is generally pretty top notch stuff. Most laptops are hard to work on, and the Asus battery replacement is WAY easier than a macbook. Anything can have a defective battery cell that fails prematurely - and most computer manufacturers don’t have their own battery factory, except Panasonic and Samsung (not even sure either are selling laptops at the moment).

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I’m looking at one of these, whenever my old HP finally dies. Keyboard already failed, so I just unplugged it and set a $15 bluetooth keyboard with trackpad on top of it. 1/3 the price, and no 3 hour replacement procedure.