Compressor Sizes

I just purchased the Crossfire Pro and was curious if the 40-gallon 6hp 6-15CFM rotary screw air compressor would be adequate.

Look at the air demand for the plasma you choose. I would want a compressor double the demand.


Are you sure its a rotary screw? 6HP?

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Only you can answer this

We don’t know what plasma cutter you have

We don’t know if it’ll only be for plasma cutting, or if you’re going to use it for painting, sand blasting, etc

We don’t know what you know

To be fair on the question. Let’s look at the hypertherm 45xp. I believe it requires 6cfm at 90 psi. A lot of recommendations out there say 1.5 times above that is best. I do believe the demand is higher for CNC applications. I am not sure how most manufacturers determine their demands. @Kwikfab made a good point what else do you plan on doing? Whatever your greatest air demand is shoot significantly high. You will have less stress on your setup and less battle with moisture. That is something else to think about a air drying system is a must. Whatever you do there can restrict your air flow.