Compressor size

Howdy everyone, Im brand new to everything. I have a crossfire pro, everlast 52i with cnc torch. Im wondering what size of air storage everyone is running? I dont have a huge shop so a massive 60-80 gallon compressor would be a tough fit.

I would say that if money is not an issue, i wouldn’t go less than 60 gallons. Find some way to make it fit. You will be much happier and have less headaches. It of course depends on what plasma cutter you are going to be using and cut nozzle size. CFM, CFM, CFM is the name of the game and dry, dry, air.

Also remember, a big hammer and or lots of ramming speed can make anything fit. :smile:


Money not an issue, just the availability of space. Im going to be running an everlast 52i with cnc torch. 72-75 psi greater then 5 cfm. Everlast has 25 gallon compressor recommended on their specs but i am assuming that is for the hand torch not continuously running on cnc.

I would definitely get something with a little more than 5 cfm capacity.

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you could always go with a horizontal…wall / ceiling mount reservoir tank…a buffer between compressor and plasma…that is what have…but it is a verticle tanks at the moment.

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My uncle mounted his compressor way up high, near the ceiling, in his small shop on the farm in IA.

I’ve got mine in a random corner well away from where the table will be, then ran 40’ of 1/2" copper pipe to get to the plasma cutter, serves as cooler & transport in one.


Do not buy the 60 gallon Dewalt sold at Tractor Supply for around $600. It only has a 1000 hour compressor life and I can’t make an average cut without it kicking on.

I have this compressor and haven’t had a problem with it. That it kicks in while cutting has nothing to do with the compressor. The volume of air will be the same no matter what 60Gal compressor you have. The key question is how long it runs after it kicks in and whether it can keep up with your cutting. Mine does.

We dont have tractor supply in Alberta, Canada anyway lol. Thanks for the heads up though!

we have Princess Auto and Canadian Tire…yipeeee!!!..hahahaha

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Mine’s leaking oil on the pulley side of the pump.

what is it leaking from?

Shaft seal…

pretty easy replacement…if you are not sure how…youtube it…someone has done it before and posted about it…heck there was even a video to change the horn in a 2009 Versa…

I know, my other air compressor is a 1990 Sanborn made by the same company and it still works as good as the day I bought it. Those videos come on handy.

I have 20 year old 8 gallon wheelbarrow compressor with 1.5 HP motor and have never run out of air. It specs Free Air CFM @ 90 PSI - Air Compressor : 7.4 CFM
Jenny #K15A-8P
It does kick off and on, but does keep up. I have used a 20 gal slave tank in the past for other projects, but it has done fine cutting without it. I have an Everlast 80S plasma cutter if that matters.