Compressed air troubleshooting

I’m trying to adjust the air pressure at the plasma source . It only allows me to go up to 77psi . I’m doing some troubleshooting and want to make sure why it’s allowing only 77 psi. My thought is it’s not enough pressure from the regulator to the power source . Should I have a regulator right before the plasma source ? The air compressor is about 60 feet away . Hypertherm 45xp

What’s your tank regulator set for? You’ll loses about 10psi along that hose.

I do have a separate regulator at the plasma unit so I leave the tank on 125 and adjust at the plasma for the air I need.

I’m around 120 psi. Mind you it’s not hard piped but I’m not sure if Its making that big of a difference . But I may to get an other regulator close to the machine .

You don’t need a regulator at the machine. The only thing you would need there is a gauge if you think the pressure is below 90psi going into the plasma cutter.
The 45xp regulates the airflow inside the machine.

When I adjust it at the machine I can only bump it up at 77 psi, won’t let me bring it up higher , til yesterday I didn’t know you could bring the pressure up at the machine until I read the hypertherm manual again . It was at 66 psi when I did the pressure test, turned the dial up and wouldn’t let me go up past 77. :cry:

If its a Razorweld 45, have you adjusted the internal regulator?

Hypertherm and it does have internal adjustment just won’t let me go past 77 psi

What’s the reason you want to bring the pressure up? When you did the air test did it achieve the 66psi and the 77psi? Maybe that’s as high as the adjustment will let you go I’ve never changed mine I just let the default settings go.
If you’re not getting warnings or faults from your air pressure I don’t see the point in raising pressure. Too much air is just as bad as not enough air.

I believe you need a 80-85 minimum psi to do the cutting . I imagine it’s going to decline a bit too when I cut , I’m having issues in the middle and or at the end of my cut where it just stops cutting . I would like to have that option of turning the pressure upto 85 if the manual says it’s the minimum needed .

It needs 80psi minimum at the inlet any lower then that it will throw a fault.

The recommended gas flow is 80-100psi to a maximum of 135psi.

Maybe someone else will chime in that has turned there output up higher then 77psi. I just checked my hypertherm 65 and its at 68psi.

I think what your manual is telling you is that you need a minimum of 85 psi and above from compressor to maintain the demand that the cutter needs to stay within the operating range of 65 - 77 psi. That’s why it won’t allow you to adjust the internal psi any higher. Just like @Fortifyfabworks was saying that “Too much air is just as bad as not enough air”.

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Alright i ll see what happens this weekend . Thanks everyone :+1:

Open up the side covers on the Razor weld Plasma Cutter, it has a pressure regulator inside where you can adjust.

It’s a hypertherm

You need to have 80 to 120 psi coming to the plasma cutter with at least a 3/8" hose. Your plasma cutter should be set at some were around 65 to 70 psi FLOW pressure to operate properly. Your compressor needs to have at least a 5 scfm or more at 90 psi to keep the plasma cutter flow pressure constant. If your plasma cutter flow pressure drops below the recommend setting you will have trouble cutting.