Component location

I know I can do some trial and error here but thought it would be good to ask as well
I understand the idea behind electrical interference. I don’t know which components affect each other causing problems though
Can I tuck the plasma cutter under the table and move the computer to that side as well?
Birds eye view of what I am thinking. I know further is better, but is this layout too close?

my plasma (Everlast 62i) can actually site right beside my control box and I have no problems cutting.

It all depends on what plasma cutter you have…how your cables are laid out…do you have ferrite chokes installed…

but as a lot of people say…why have high voltage electronics under a water pan


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I have the ferrite chokes on the USB cable but none of the others. Should there be more?
Interesting point on the cutter under 60gal of water. Not something that would have crossed my mind, but now that it’s been mentioned, an unneeded risk even if it’s a small risk

yup…a lot of people have theirs mounted to a shelf on the wall…one member is going to build a shelf above the table…attached to the table itself…

the other problem with the plasma under the table…ya gotta bend over all the time to make adjustments…as as we get older it is harder to do or our “6 pack” gets in the way…then there is the pesky plumbers crack…nasty…nasty…


I never thought the idea of putting the plasma cutter under the table was good. I also didn’t care for hanging it on the wall. I use it for hand cutting too sometimes so I needed it to be accessible. I built the little table I’m using for something else years ago and repurposed it for the plasma cutter to set on. Makes it much more accessible.

Toolboy made a good point too…old age and beer guts tend to make use less flexible! (I do plan to put a splash guard over it but for now I just don’t cut near the edge of the table.)


It can depend on the cutter. We run our Razorweld45 right up against the enclosure. Older units used a high frequency start up mechanism which is what caused issued. Almost all newer, ubiquitous models have done away with that mechanism so you shouldn’t have to worry too much about cutter placement UNLESS you start noticing issues. There have been a small handful of users, maybe 4 or 5 reporting FireControl freezing occasionally, all those users had the Hypertherm cutter. We’re still working on identifying the root cause of the issue and aren’t necessarily convinced there’s a correlation there yet. There are many more customers using the Hypertherm not reporting issues. To answer your question, the only components that will limit placement of anything is the USB cable that connects your PC to the enclosure OR if you’re wired to plasma voltage. DO NOT extend the length of those input cables. They are engineered to this length to minimize the interference sent to the enclosure. The ferrite chokes and USB isolator are provided to help reduce it from the computer side. The THC cable and the torch fire cable are both low voltage, THC is reduced to somewhere in the neighborhood of 73:1. So if you wanted to extend those lengths to move your cutter to a more convenient location there’s very little potential for problems. Customers have asked if they can increase the lengths of the cables to move their cutters and/or computers to more convenient locations. The standard answer is “we don’t recommend it, nor do we support troubleshooting for modifying original components.” But if you wanted to try it and it works then great. If it doesn’t, move it back.