Completed Laptop Stand!

I have finished up the design and posted to FIRESHARE. Thanks to Mikal_M we have built a working protoype and these are ready for everyone to build for themselves!

Assembly should be very straight forward but feel free to contact me with any questions.


For those of you who do not own welders I am currently working on a complete bolt together version that I should have complete in the next couple weeks!



Looks badass, thanks for the share

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No problem! I enjoy designing things like this. Post some pics when you get it built!

Welding mine up tonight!


Thanks for the design. Do you have any idea why i cant get my contour arrows to go inside of the small strap holes on the plate in fusion 360?

Possibly because of your lead in and out values being larger than the actual small hole you are trying to cut, or your torch setup has the kerf width set larger than it should be.