Complete system for sale. Austin TX

Hey all

I have a complete working system, used about 3 times (2 signs + test cuts to get settings right). Been sitting a year or 2. I enjoyed it, I just don’t use it as much as I’d hoped, and frankly the PRO is just too big for my shop.I can’t do any other work around it. I don’t really want to sell it, but I need to fit my landcruiser in the garage to do an engine swap (and pay for said engine swap).

Everything was working fine. it’s a complete system with THC, Hypertherm xp45, laptop, HF air drier… and all the bits and bobs it takes to make it all work together. I unplugged the lap top for other tasks, and put the plasma cutter on the table and rolled it out of the way (i upgraded it to casters, so i can move it about shop). I"ll delete my personal stuff of the laptop, and you have one configured to work software installed (probably needs updates) mouse, everything. My complete functioning setup. Including Sheetcam on the laptop.

Fully assembled, once i plug laptop back in. Should be a turnkey system, with no waiting time for it, you can take it home today. All I want is what I have in it, excluding costs for all the bits and bobs it took to get it all working for which I don’t’ have receipts. Here is my total cost sunk into it.

Langmuir pro costs
Langmuir pro + laptop stand and THC 3234.00
CrossFire pro machine torch mount 74.95
Dell outlet Gaming Laptop| 816.19
HF air drier| 499.99
Hypertherm 45 Xp wtih machine torch 2795.00

I’ll throw in a bottle of plasma fluid (other bottle is dried on bottom of table), a 2x4 sheet of 16g mild and what’s left of the other 2x4 sheet i was cutting. I mostly work in stainless anyway. I’m by no means uphappy with it. I got the Pro for the THC, it’s just too big for my garage, and I don’t use it much. Once I have a bigger shop I’ll get another langmuir with THC, hopefully a smaller one. Or I might get a Wazer, as it’s more like the work I want to do. Either way smaller footprint.

I was planning put put up a big shop at the ranch and keep it, but that shop money is now going to the landcruiser first, which needs the garage space (the irony that I’ll want it to cut brackets for said swap is not lost on me. Nor is the fact this cutter will basically pay for a new basic LS to go in my landcruiser).

If I hadn’t’ just dropped 7k-10k on surgery and recovery (and new ac for landcruiser) I wouldn’t even be selling it now. My maximum need and minimum cashflow set up this opportunity.

For a couple hundred more, we can get it up and working and do a set of test cuts before you take it away. Honestly right now I’m so bummed about killing the engine in my landcruiser, I can’t get up the carepoints to mess with it.

I’m in pflugerville TX, almost to Hutto, just north of austin Tx. If you are interested contact me here or better by email sircaladin at gmail dot com.

I’ll have space for the LS swap and cash to buy the LS, and you’ll have a working Langmuir pro today.

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P.S> I just looked it up, plasma cutter is 2 years and 3 days old today. I bought it before I finished assembly of the table. So that gives you a pretty solid date.


Correction 2 bottles of plasma table fluid, it’s the green stuff from Canada, that’s the best for people with asthma and allergies, non irritating to lungs like most plasma table fluids. Guy who sells it was really nice, as you’d

Jason from Calgary is good to deal with. we started running green cut in our plasma we’re just trying some other stuff out right now.

Because everyone in Canada knows each other

Believe it or not his brother is a friend of mine. Small world.


Becasue someone pointed out that a 2 yar old computer isnt’ work full price, I’m knowking $400 off for the computer being 2 years old.

So far folks have wanted to cherry pick just part of it, I’d rather sell it whole as turn keey seems it’s value.

What are you dropping that LS in?
You’ve peaked my interest on that story especially being close to me :stuck_out_tongue:

Is this still for sale?

I’m putting this up for sale again, minus the computer, but I could be talked into including hypertherm 45 w/ machine torch.

Price negotiable, not looking to get out even…