Complete Newbie Help With Software

I just got my Crossfire Pro put together. It is April 2021 model. I will mostly be cutting small predesigned cutouts (1”- 12”). I dowloaded Fusion 360. I am getting ready to download Fire Control Crossfire Gen 2 Driver. Is this the right driver for Fusion 360 and my machine? Is there any specific way I need to download the fire control driver?
Thank you!

follow the instructions

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Thanks we got it.

glad it helped…ask more if you need th ehelp

If you need one on one assistance, send me a message. I can get most people cutting in an hour using svg files and Sheetcam.

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The files we have are dxf files. Can Sheetcam cut from dxf? Also, how soon could you have the time to help and how much does it cost?

I can convert the files I have to svg.

Yes it can. The preference here for SVG is that it’s a more modern format. DXF is a pretty universal standard but it’s old and something of a “least common denominator” format. It was created before there were good, inexpensive PCs that could do complex calculations quickly so there isn’t support for things like true curves, they’re a pseudo-curve created using lots & lots of straight line segments for instance. That’s why you’ll see lots of nodes in your files and sometimes the cut isn’t a smooth one. But it works.

DXF’s limitations don’t impact you much if you’re doing parts but if you’re doing artwork designs it can stumble - that’s why folks often have issues with not being able to get a toolpath defined in Fusion.

Thank you so much!

Yep, what James said. $50 an hour is what I charge.