Cold roll 1095 spring steel

Anyone cut this in plasma before? Have a large production job and curious how it’s going to re act? Any insight would be appreciated.

Did you end up cutting this yet? Was going to cut some knife blanks out with the plasma table to alleviate a lot of grinder work, but wanted to check here first haha

Yes I have. It sucks honestly haha clean cuts but I cannot get rid of the dross not a huge deal just take some work to knock it off. What thickness? I’ve been burning a ton of 1/8

Here’s a knife blank I made just for fun


1/8" here too. Never made any before but I have all the tools and scrap to make a cheap brake drum forge, so I was going to try and make a couple for family members. The more I read up on cutting it with plasma, the more I’m finding it is super hard to grind/shape because of the heat hardening. May just scribe out in layout dye and use a cutting disc lol


Shouldn’t be a problem Wyatt… If you have your forge done and go and heat your blank up to just above critical and let it air cool back down. You’ve then, normalized your steel and should have no issue working with it from there…

I’ll do that! Thanks for the tip!