CNC wire connection question (Everlast 62!, Machine torch,CNC port)

Hey all

I am almost ready to start cutting some metal. Need some guidance with the wiring setup.
I am working with the Crossfire Pro, The Everlast 62! plasma cutter, (CNC port), Machine torch, and the torch height controller.

My question or confirmation.
I wire the 2 white wires to Pins 1 & 2 for torch firing.

I wire the 22 gauge Red to the negative Pin 4
I wire the 22 gauge black to the positive pin 6

I solder all these in place.

Am I correct in this?
Thank you in advance for all the help.

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Pins 1 and 2 for the trigger. Then wire the THC wires inside the plasma cutter, do not use the CNC port. @toolboy has the wiring diagram on here some were.

hey welcome to the forum…
The instructions are correct…you just solder these in place.
Now I have the same setup 62i with Pro table and THC…

But I was having some issues with voltage fluctuations…so I took Raw voltage right from the source inside the machine…
if you run into problems…here is a thread on how to wire in RAW voltage for the 62i

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I knew you guys would take care of me. I am a photo person. Seeing it makes it so much easier.
I will update when done.


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Well, I have wired it all up and it is not firing.
I ran the THC test and it said 59v out of range the 1st time.
I took apart my CNC plug and re-soldered the 1 and 2 pins
Now the test comes back 0v but won’t turn on.

What am I missing?

Do you have the torch firing wire plugged into the torch on/off port on the electronics enclosure? Do you hear the relay click when you hit the torch fire button in Firecontrol?


OMG. I am an idiot. No, it is not.

So the 1 and 2 pins I soldered to the CNC port connection should be plugged into the control box, not the THC?

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Thank you, Thank you. So much That fixed the firing. Lol
Sometimes it is the smallest thing.

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Don’t feel bad. You are not the first one to think that everything is controlled through the VIM box. Its a lot to figure out. especially when you aren’t familiar with how the various systems work.

I love that the answer was “is it plugged in” Really happy it was an easy fix.

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hey…that is my line…ahahahaha…