Cnc mill conversion

I have a grizzly g0755 i am converting to cnc. Has anyone used firecontrol software with a conversion? If so what hardware was required fir the interface

I have a crossfire pro


You’d be better off using something like a Centroid Acorn kit. If you use the Langmuir software, you’ll have to edit all your g code to make it match your custom hardware. Pretty unlikely you’d get the steppers/servos and lead screws to match an MR1 or crossfire.

I did a similar conversion many years ago and I used linux CNC. It has allowances to set up steps per inch, backlash, etc. Mach4 also has that but costs a bit. On the plus side mach4 works well with the stepper controller I like, Ethernet Smooth Stepper. When I fiddled with linux CNC it required a parallel port ( or converter board ).

Now I have an old bridgeport textron which is also stepper controlled (not servo) that I got working with mach4.