Cleaning up SVG file in F360 [SOLVED]

I see many posts speaking of cleaning up lines on svg files imported into Fusion, but what are all of these circular things in this file, there are a ton of them? This file started out as a jpeg, then I converted to svg in Inkscape.

Try using Convertio to go from JPEG to SVG and see how it turns out:

Convertio — File Converter


100% improvement. Thank you!

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Adding to your convertio solutions, just a heads up for the future.

As a general rule jpeg is a crappy format for turning into vectors. Due to the compression algorithm used to make them small, there are often a lot of little artifacts that get included - kind of like specs of light on a photo. A png file is always preferred if it’s an option. It’s “lossless” so it doesn’t undergo the kind of noisy compression that jpgs get.