Cleaning the cross fire pro

Hey Guys, What does everybody use to clean their cross fire pro x, y, z rails, ball screws, bearing blocks?
I am doing a major cleanup on my machine.

Thanks, Glenn

Hey Glenn…this is Glen…lol…

so once you wipe it all down I tend to sparay things like Fantastic or Spray 9 and wipe it all.
by wiping it all down I mean all the sides of the rails…and I use a nice gentle scotch brite pad also.
I clean the bearing surfaces…and even the drive screws…
I do the drive screws by holding a cloth with cleaner on it and diving the ganrty back and forth to get right into the drive screw thread.
I also clean the drive screw nust with a nice soapy dish soap as to not affect and material.

then I spray down the Z axis with electrical contact spray and blow it out with the air gun…this cleans the contacts.
the will get in the Z axis with a tooth brush and stuff to make sure the wheels and rails are clean.

once it is all clean I like to use sewing machine oil on by drive screws…and bearings…
Sewing machone oil is clear…light…non staining…and does not leave any real type of sticky residue.
I will also spreay the Z axis with WD40 or Dry WD40…and blow it dry…