Cleaning .tap File

After having an issue with the Y axis not traveling, and spending 20 minutes cleaning the rail and inspecting the bearings, I removed the lead screws, thoroughly cleaned them and reinstalled, and I was back in business. Even though there was nothing noticeably wrong with the lead screws.

After cleaning and jogging the torch manually to get access to everything I had the idea to make a cleaning file. This just makes the torch snake back and forth in order to be able to clean lead screws and bearings and rails. Make sure the torch is off and you’re using dry run of course.

x cleaning.tap (951 Bytes) ycleaning.tap (955 Bytes)


nice little tap file…
All I do is run a direction cut without THC and without the torch…then return to start…then run the cut again…

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That would have taken less effort… lol. Good idea!

I am all about less effort…my my CFO…(wife)

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