Cleaning lines from svg

I converted this PDF to an SVG and did an insert. The lines are terrible. is there a quick way to clean this sketch up?
fishing owl.dxf (384.3 KB)

Or, if there is a better way to do it, here is the svg.
owl with fish

If you did a PDF to SVG conversion why are you linking us a DXF?

Or is this what you’ve now exported from Fusion 360.

I would try a few different online pdf to SVG converters on the same file.
Some of them have different algorithms that convert a little better or a little worse depending on the situation.

Can you upload your original PDF

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I linked the DXF so you guys could load it into fusion and see what i’m talking about. I can link the PDF, but its got a lot of extra stuff thats not needed in it.
Oh, and dont need the diamond shape around the owl. I removed it in the DXF.
Fishing_Owl_options.pdf (6.5 MB)

owl - help.dxf (279.5 KB)

@danzick you really need a better picture unless you’re willing to do some clean up. I just fixed this one and made it so you could cut it in 5min drinking my coffee. The more you do this type of stuff in fusion the faster you get. On this type of image the mirror is very helpful to make things symmetrical and look correct. You only have one side connected so make sure you have a way of supporting the lower part if you cut it as i made it. Very cool logo so please do post some pics when you do them. I wish i had a better answer but happy to help if you have an issue with another one later.


Owl with fish v1.dxf (2.1 MB)

Here is owl with fish. Please look everything over i did this quick. Below i showed i made the diamond and moved it on the owl. You might want to widen the diamond. Just didn’t have time to play with it. use contour in fusion to adjust them.


Nice clean up @DonP

Let’s look at this on the live stream .

We’ll look at the original PDF file and seeing if we and get a better starting file out of that.

after looking

I didn’t realize it was not a conversion issue, its that the source pdf file was drawn rough to begin with.

owl pdf


ok, thanks for the help. I didnt know if maybe I was doing something wrong to have it load into fusion so rough. You guys are so fast at cleaning up lines! I definitely need more practice being efficient with this program. In the future, would you load it as a svg and clean it up? or doing a JPEG and use as a canvas?

Really it is clean, a almost prefect representation of the original PDF.

The Original art is rough.

Sourcing a better Original or Re drawing it is really your only options for a clean file.

It really depends of the file your working with . it this case the “doing a JPEG and use as a canvas” is the better option

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Thats what I was wondering thanks! ill post pictures of this when I get it cut. I also have to cut the diamond with the rectangles connected in it, but I cleaned that up myself easily.

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You might want to add small tab somewhere along this line because i don’t think the diamond on outside will be strong enough to support the center. It’ll keep it together might have odd gap that want to fall to wall.

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Got both cut. Thanks for the tips. It won’t be the last time I ask for some help! Processing: IMG_20230411_190814960_HDR.jpg…
Uploading: IMG_20230411_190753470_HDR.jpg…

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@danzick…Looks like the pics didn’t finish downloading. I would love see them.

I guess they are too large off my phone. i’ll try to resize with my laptop and try again.

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you need to wait long enough for the image to upload to the server before you post your reply


It says image too large. I will still try and resize them and post. I havent forgotten, just havent had a chance.

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