Cleaning Dross without Removing Mill Scale

How are people finishing their metal art like this? It looks like just the edges are cleaned up leaving the mill scale on the rest. This is a small ornament so around 3.5". It is not my picture.

Interested in this as well

Probably removing what they can with pliers, then running it through a tumbler?

4’ orbital sander. I use 60 grit and work up to 240 sometimes. 120 usually gives a nice rustic finish. A normal 60 grit pad wont touch mill scale but will clean the edges

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I use a knotted wire cup. Has to be knotted, the regular wire cups don’t do it for me. Run it along the edge so the cup spins INTO the edge, almost at an upward direction. It’ll knock all of the dross off if it’s low speed dross (bubbly looking thick dross) or moisture related (also thick and easier to remove).


I use a 40 or 60 grit flap disc on a 4 inch grinder for dross and then sand blast it.


Knotted wire wheel is nice and quick. I love mine. I’ve used the cup but love the wheel. Just make sure you have eye protection… almost works too good