Cleanest way to terminate air line drops

I have 3/4" copper pipe coming down the wall and I’m trying to figure out the fittings to end the line in a 90 with a 1/4" NPT for the quick coupler to thread in to.

I see the copper drop ear but with 1/2 sweat fitting but not 3/4. Should I use a 3/4 to 1/2 reducer before the elbow?

Any pics or explanation of how you did yours would be cool.

I ran all 3/4 copper line and terminated the runs in a dual head aluminum drop block. I found it to be the best solution with a built in drain on the bottom and two ports for air fittings. The block has 3/4 inch female NPT fitting on the top of it so I just soldered a standard 3/4 male NPT fitting on my copper pipe to screw to the air drop block.

Here is the link for the drop block. It comes with a compression fitting for the max air poly line but you just don’t use it.
Maxline M8201 Dual Port Outlet Kit with 3/4-Inch Tubing and 1/2-Inch NPT Outlet Port