Clean Oil from ArcFlat tables before joining?

I know the Arcflat tables came really well oiled. Are we supposed to clean all the oil off before joining or can we just bolt/clamp/epoxy/tighten bolts and get going? One thought was that if I ever wanted to separate them then the oil would help the epoxy pop right off, but not sure. Thanks for any input.


Might be a dumb question but why would you epoxy the table?

The tables are not perfectly 90 on the sides so just clamping them together will not make a perfectly flat surface. So Langmuir makes special bolts that allow epoxy to fill the void between the table tops to account for this slight void, which in essence then allows you to set both tops perfectly level. I performed the leveling task slightly different than what the instructions indicated and will post my process in a few days. I still did use their special bolts and epoxy as described in their link below.

ArcFlat Bolt Kit

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Huh, I would have thought that was the reason they were cast pieces to machine them at 90 degrees.

nope…the table top is machined at a very high level of precision as that is the critical part…you do 90 degree welds on the top of the table with 90degree brackets…