Circles out of round

My latest cut featured several 2” circles that came out significantly out of round. I’m guessing that I should reset the entire gantry? Nothing is noticeably loose so no idea where it’s coming from.
How often should I expect to do this? My table gets only an hour or two of use each month. But it is on wheels and gets slid a few feet when used. I’m pushing on the water table and a leg to move it.

If your CNC machine was given a perfect circle to cut and it does not cut a perfect circle the top two reasons would be.

Loose motor coupling. ( you stated that everything was tight above so you can move on to the second)

Loose motor plug. The DB9 is an RS232 serial connector which plugs into the back of your electronics closure.

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I had that issue and discovered the bracket on the back of the z axis assembly that holds the plastic nut that follows the x axis lead screw was loose.

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Did you ever get this figured out?

No. It’s not that bracket. I notice a lot of my guide bearings aren’t turning, so they’re not doing any guiding. But no noticeable play.
The solution seems to be a major clean/lube re-align. I don’t use the thing much so it’s kind of baffling. It is on wheels, which could cause some minor adjustment issues.
I haven’t done the tear down because I’ve had a recent finger amputation. Not doing much of anything.

Oh Wow sorry to hear that, I had a friend that lost a finger and it was very painful for him.
Wish you a quick recovery