Cigweld (ESAB) Cutskill

For those is Australia I have got the Cigweld Cutskill 45 ( up and running with the CrossFire Pro and THC.

When I was ordering the table and hunting for a plasma cutter there was no information available anywhere regarding Cigweld compatibility - so I took a chance and it has worked out fine.

Cigweld are pretty commonly available in Australia and the consumables are easily accessible.

I have posted a brief summary of the wiring required under the relevant topic, but message me if you want a walk through.

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Legend! I have the same plasma, finding detailed information about them is next to impossible. I’m about to order a crossfire pro. Good to know that it works. Cheers!

Yeah - great machines but bugger all info on them!

The only slightly annoying thing is that I have to manually stop the air once a cut has finished by pushing in the control dial. Not a deal breaker and could probably be fixed with a relay.