Cigweld (ESAB) Cutskill 45

Modified the Cigweld Cutskill (45A version) to interface with the Crossfire Pro.

The Cutskill series has no external control ports so everything is spliced in internally. There is a handy air vent on the front that allows the wires to pass through without the need to cut holes in the casing.

  1. Trigger switch was easy enough to find with a multimeter and the connect to internally with the Langmuir supplied t-splices. (Location shown by Blue circles on photo).

  2. THC was a little more tricky. Had to make up cables. One cable connected to the earth clamp connector on the main board, the other to the grounding point for the main board. (Rough locations shown Red circles on photo). If you are doing this make sure you isolate any exposed part of the new connector in heatshrink to reduce the risk of accidently shorting something out.

A few hours of cutting and all is good thus far!

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