Chula Vista CA Help

I am new to Plasma cutting and would like the personal leason showing some tips and tricks to it. The machine is set up we are using a Everlast 82i Plasma cutter and Sheetcam. If some one is interest in coming to the shop and teaching me that would be great you can message me here or give me a call at the office 619 697 2729



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I did a search for Chula Vista and there is a user named @michaelsimpson who said he is from there.

You might also try going to this thread and search for “San Diego”.

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Thanks for the information is there a way to e-mail Michael out of the system or what would be the best way to get in contact with him

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@Wsidr1 did it for you above, you can @ someone to get their attention. Keep posting and you will be able to send a DM.

Yeah, I still haven’t finished putting the table together

have you used there product before I just need some basic training and if you have used there product you may be able to help me out
using a
Everlast 82i and right now I can not get it to fire but there are a few more thing i would like 1 on 1 training
Let me know if you can help

I got it working but would still like to get some one on one training

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