Choosing the right compressor for the CrossFire XR

This will be my first Plasma machine and i was wondering if anyone had any advice on choosing the most reasonable middle ground compressor. I was told a 110 6-7CFM at 90PSI would do but also hearing 10-20 CFM on a 240 power?

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Although you could cut for a short time with the smaller compressor, and frequently stopped the cutting process with pauses so the compressor could catch up… You would become quite annoyed with the whole process.

You really will like having a compressor with a minimum of 10 CFM @ 90 psi. You will have numerous fittings, filters and runs of line that will diminish you air so you need a bit of a cushion. I don’t think you will achieve that with 110v.
This is a Home Depot model that many of us have. It would be for a hobbyist level of work load:

If you are regularly cutting 1/2 steel or more, or you plan to do sand blasting, you will find this level of compressor challenged to keep up with the task.


I bought the Dewalt 3.7hp 60 gal air compressor from Tractor supply. Been running great for 3 years now and is on sale for a better price than I paid 3 years ago. it is 240 and has basically same specs as the husky from HD. on the weekends I run a 10-12 hour a day fab shop and have not found the Dewalt limits yet.

I would not personally run a 120 air compressor. I think you will find its limits quickly.


Thanks for the advise… much appreciated!