Checklist for New Plasma Table Owners

Has anyone compiled a checklist of things to have/knowledge to gain before cutting? My pro table should be coming soon, and I want to be sure I’m ready for it when it arrives. Here are some things I have in mind:

-Plasma cutter

-Air compressor

-Air dryer

-Proper power ran for table and plasma

-Computer for cad/cam

-Area cleared in workspace

-Water table additive
*homemade solution - Checklist for New Plasma Table Owners
*washing soda - Checklist for New Plasma Table Owners

-Cad/cam software (and knowledge of using it)

-Dross removal method

-Air regulator

-Oil/debris separator

-Extra plasma consumables

-Material to cut (testing, calibrating, first project)

-Material storage (new material and skeletons)

-Buckets for scrap/table clean out

-Design file for first project to cut

-Plenty of lighting

-Material thickness gauge

-Pliers/magnet for small pieces off table

-Clamps to hold down material

-Fire extinguisher

*tinted safety glasses
*hearing protection

-Shop ventilation

-Silicone funnel for torch head (to keep splashing and sparks down)
*New torch arrived...hehe....s45 machine torch

I’m sure there are many more things that could be added, both necessary and bonus accessories. Please chime in if you’ve got more to add or if you can point me to a similar thread that has already been created. If such a thread hasn’t been created, I think it would be useful to add links to the checklist with options/specifications.


A method to remove dross is pretty important. Angle grinder with knotted wire wheel or cup, flap disk, vinegar or acid bath, etc.

With the compressor and dryer you’ll need to have a regulator and oil/debris filter of some sort.

Extra plasma consumables would be nice to have ahead of time.

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Great additions, I’ve added them to the list as well as adding material to cut (testing, setup)

Raw material to experiment with and calibrate your system.

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Design files, either create your own or download something. This way you will have something to cut as soon as you are finished getting the machine setup.

Thanks, specified in the list.

Thank you, added to the list.

One thing I never even thought about when i got my first crossfire was good lighting above it. A couple LED shop lights and it was a whole new game.


Lighting is important like jimt mentioned, another thing you will want is a metal thikness gauge, comes in very handy, the Amazon gauges suck and are not accurate, Miller makes a nice one.
I use a good pair of long needle nose pliers to pluck out tip ups, they are always in my hand while the table is cutting. Welding clamps are great to have to clamp down a rogue corner of a warped piece.
You also may want to think about a metal bending fixture of some sort, sooner or later you will want to bend a piece.


A ‘sponsor’ would be very helpful! I wish I had one… :cry:


Patience … don’t forget patience


I LOVE this one!! Laughed out loud!! Thanks!

A fire extinguisher :grin:


Great list - I’m curious the details on the water table additive - specifically what additive. I bought some sodium nitrite, physan and blue food coloring to made a DIY additive mix…

…don’t want to hijack thread with this detail, but love to hear what folks are adding. I’ve looked at green cut, but whoa that stuff is pricey.

Safety Glasses
Ear Plugs


I agree with not hijacking the thread, but, maybe to try to close this (or incite a new thread) I’ve made what I call Water Table Juice from the recipe cited in this forum (I’ll reference if this is broken off on a new thread) and it has worked for me - easy, low cost, and prevents rust and all the other nasties you get with stagnant water.

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Ventilation and breathing protection.
Welding Screens to protect other equipment in the shop from the sparks. Cheap grill covers work pretty good to cover up other pieces of equipment.
Area / Table for cleaning the metal afterwards.
Boxes of gloves for handling the wet parts in whatever solution that’s left in the table.
#5 shades, cuz you know you’re gonna want to stare at the bright light every time it runs!
3 N 1 oil to keep the lead screws lubed up.
Extra silicone funnels for the torch head, keeps the splashing and sparks down.


Thank you everyone for the input! I’ve added your suggestions to the list. I’d like to organize the list by categories such as: Bare Necessities, Add ASAP, and Bonus Items. Maybe those with experience can help divvy these items up, thinking critically about the realities of time, space, and budget. Also, it would be helpful to add links beneath each item that go to other forum threads, where to purchase items, and resources for researching.

im just getting things together what is a silicone funnel
and thanks for the advice

Hey Bill, I added a link beneath that item to a thread I found here on the forum showing the silicone funnel on the torch head. There is also an amazon link in that same thread for the funnel he used.

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