Cheat sheets for cutting start to finish

Is there a cheat sheet available to make sure you don’t miss any steps from design to actually cutting on the table. Like starting from Inkscape to Sheetcam to Firecontrol. A step by step directory.

I own a Crossfire Pro that i built 4 years ago and haven’t cut anything yet. I just need a step by step jumpstart i guess. LOL!! Thanks.

Not that I know of. You could always make one, once you learn how and post it here


Start with the Support section on the main Langmuir site. They do go over most of it to get going from CAM software, Firecontrol, needed plugins/drivers for both, etc. Then if there are specific questions, it’s easier for forum members to help.

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Here is a good starting video done by TinWhisperer. It shows everything you want except it uses Fusion 360 versus using SheetCAM for the manufacturing process.

@john_s suggestion is very good as well.

And there is one for SheetCAM as well.

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Sheetcam included:

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Sorry John. My mistake. :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth: