Cheapest Plasma Cutter

I have a Hypertherm 65, that has been in the repair shop since June 12th and as of today it hasn’t been looked at. Debating about buying the cheapest cutter so that I have a backup and get me going again. Only looking to cut 10 Ga and below. Any help would be appreciated.

I have had my Lotos LTP5500D CNC since the end of 2019 and haven’t had any problems with it. I made my own cables to hook to THC and the Torch control, however. Current pricing is below $550.

Bear in mind that I’m a hobbyist so my work load is low.

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I know you said “cheap” but you also meant reliable, I assume.

I recently bought a 220Volt 250 Amp YESWELDER and am totally impressed how it works. I don’t know their track record with Plasma cutters but this cutter is a non-high frequency one and non-touch pilot arc. Price is right at $225 after the $40 coupon. You will have it by Friday and have 30 days to return it for free if it doesn’t work.

Here is a link:

Does yours look like the front panel in the link you provided? That one doesn’t seem to have the right number of torch signals to be a proper blowback torch. Also they say the torch is an IPT40 torch so you can’t run it any higher than 40 amps, if I understand the torch nomenclature correctly.

I misled with my post. I bought the YESWELDER 250 Amp Welder. I did not buy the Plasma cutter and only used it as an example of a cheap plasma cutter but have not done the do diligence of knowing whether the specs would work for CNC/Langmuir compatible set up.

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for the price, warranty and customer service, the Primeweld Cut60 is a good option.


I second that if it is within his budget. Had mine for over 3 years, with about 7 months of CNC time. Mine is an early version more susceptible to EMI, but located it at the opposite end of the table on a HF moving dolly and everything’s fine now.

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