Changing units from IN to MM in Fusion 360

Hi everyone, I have some questions for you, just wanna know if anyone has modified a custom version of the post processor for FUSION360.
On the general options, like cut height, IHS sprinback, and so on…
The post shows the info in inches, and obviously the units in inches too.
How can I edit the post to set this options in milimeters?
Im from Chile and here the standard is metric, all the sheet sizes and measurements are in metric system.
The screen shows the section what wnat to edit to MM


In every menu of fusion 360 you can write in measurements in inches or in millimeters or even wright in formulas.

In the preferences you can adjust your units as well.

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Thanks for your answer @TinWhisperer , but i think my question is not well done :smile:

For example, in the option CUT HEIGHT, the unit is 0.063in. If I toogle in the general option and set MM as unit…the post processor set the cut height in 0.063in or 0.063mm ? because I make a cut and the movement of the Z axis in that configuration was minimal.
So…I want to edit the post to first…edit the text shown to “CUT HEIGHT (MM)” and the unit to set in mm too, and finally the movement of the Z axis in mm too.
Sorry for my bad english
I hope you can understand me

I think that menu is control by the post processor and i am not sure if it can be switched to mm?

@langmuir-reilly Can the post properties menu be change to metric?

Looking thru the post processor, it requires IN entries (at this time.) For your example, if I enable MM as units, entering a cut height of .063 produces G code with a cut height of ~1.6mm. If I try to enter cut height in mm, say 1.6mm the G code sets the cut height at 40.6mm!

There may be a means to modify the post processor to enable metric entries, but I’m not quite there yet.

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That’s the point!
Im looking right now the post processor and i found some lines like this

writeBlock(gFormatDeci.format(38.2), “Z” + xyzFormat.format(-5 * (unit == MM ? 25.4 : 1)), feedOutput.format(staticproperties.ihsRapid * (unit == MM ? 25.4 : 1)));
writeBlock(gFormatDeci.format(38.4), “Z” + xyzFormat.format(0.5 * (unit == MM ? 25.4 : 1)), feedOutput.format(staticproperties.ihsSlow * (unit == MM ? 25.4 : 1)));

Maybe the section that write “(unit == MM ? 25.4 : 1)” is the key…
Is it a conversion from 25.4 to 1 inch? or that means another thing

You’ll find that statement thru out the post. It is a conversion to MM from IN (if units are MM, multiply by 25.4). Towards the top of the post there’s a section that defines MM (G21) or IN (G20) based on the value of variable “unit”. I suspect that can be manipulated to provide different menu choices and defaults, depending on the selected units.

switch (unit) {
case IN:
writeBlock(gUnitModal.format(20)); // or use M20
case MM:
writeBlock(gUnitModal.format(21)); // or use M21