Changing Axis after drawing

Is there a simple way to change your X & Y axis after you have completed a drawing? I should draw when I am tired…LOL!

do you mean putting your sketch on a different plane? other then After you already started it on the XY planar.

Yes, that is what I meant sorry!

you need to use the redefine sketch command
on the sketch area and you sketch active
bottom left of the screen is a square with a pencil in it and a l shaped line select it should turn blue
then right click on your sketch and select redifne sketch plane and pick your new plane. it will then be sketch 2 on the new plane

If you are using fusion 360, it doesn’t matter what plane it is drawn/modeled on. You need to define the work plane in the manufacturing setup.

It’s also easier to work with extruded models rather than line drawings when you are setting up the tool paths. You can select the face of the part and fusion will detect every inside and outside cuts automatically.