Change in how tab works

I used to add manual tabs and 360 would allow me to only ad them to the contours I wanted to. Now it puts a tab on each contour. Does anyone know how to only apply tabs to select contours?

Do multiple 2D Profiles under the same setup and select different contours in the various Profiles . For example if you want tabs in one Profile selection than check the box. If you don’t want them in another then don’t. Same would be true if you specialize tabs in one profile versus another.

When you go to post them, you can post the entire setup and it will cut like it was all done as one program. The only thing to watch out for is the order of the 2D Profiles as you don’t want something cut out that needs to stay in place until later in the program.

Thanks. I did not realize you could do multiple profiles in 1 setup. Great to know. I did figure out what I was doing for anyone else making the error. After selecting manual tab if I reduce number to 0 it will only put tab at location I select

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