Challenger table

I have a 2016 challenger table that is virtually b r and new. It has a candcnc control box, I’ve become so familiar with firecontrol, I’d like to run it instead of Mach 3. Is there a way?

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The only way I can see somebody being able to do that is if they had a langmuir electronics enclosure that they somehow modified to run the stepper motors at the correct rate of your machine.

I would venture to say that langmuir systems will never offer fire control for a non-langmuir systems product.

It is a gear reduction table. And there within is my problem. Adjusting the feed rate per my table

Can you upgrade it to run Hypertherm EDGE Connect
CNC Controls

Challenger DXD is available with Hypertherm EDGE Connect CNC Control. This industrial PC-based control runs in a user-friendly yet powerful Windows 10 environment and has a 19.5” Projected Capacitive (PCAP) touch-screen.”

Its not FireControl but maybe this is a course of action for you ?

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